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Bring the music of BB on stage

Blackthorn Syndicate arrives to captivate the alternative rock scene with their compelling sound. The band follows the desire to bring the extensive and self-produced material of Lucas Schleweis live on stage quickly developed.

The music of Blackthorn Syndicate is an exciting fusion of classic hard rock, blues and psychedelic influences. With powerful riffs, catchy hooks and rousing guitar solos, supported by a tight rhythm section, songs like "Roaring River", "Build Resistance" and "Climatic Change" create an energetic atmosphere. The lyrics are far from boy-meets-girl clichés and deal with the everyday challenges we all face. From mid of June 2023 the band is starting to rehearse in a rehearsal room in Karlsruhe. We are planning to hit the stage by the end of 2023 with a full program following our BS PLAYLIST below

The band

The band is currently in setup. Today we have Lucas on guitar and vocals, the multiinstrumentatlists Karsten on Chapman Stick and base guitar, and Harald on drums and vocals. Keyboards and guitar lead is open positions. We are in process of rehearsing, hopefully soon with the complete band.

Further information will follow

The information about the band's development and upcoming gigs will be added here - so stay in touch.


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