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Boosting Blackthorn Blossom

For a longer period of time I was searching for a vocal support at Blackthorn Blossom. My own abilities regarding lead vocals are OK, but limited enough to accept an upgrade here. Finally in 2020 I was meeting Michael Matt at a training for Agile Consultancy, where we both were attending. Michael is a singer and guitarist, also writing and producing songs. We agreed to give it a trial - it turned out to be far more. 

Michael stepped in the new title "Im Nebel" from my developing Hermann-Hesse-cycle and it was so refreshing to see, how the song really made a large step. Second, we relaunched some of my English titles from "All of a sudden" with new vocals before we entered the next step to really cooperate in songwriting - "Die Welt unser Traum" is the first takeout of this.

Now, at Covid-19-times, some improvisation is needed. So we co-work via internet, everybody working in his own sound studio and using the abilities of Digital Audio Workstations and graphic software to create something that feels like two guys next door hanging around for music.

We will see, how this develops - with these two colleagues from one of the large energy companies in Germany...


After being successful on working on a lot of songs, by end 2021 Michael stepped out. With a tear in my eye, I bid farewell to Michael as he pursued his own musical path. His departure marked a turning point, propelling me to embrace the role of singer and unlocking a newfound depth and quality in my songwriting journey.




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