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From youth group to well established gospel choir

The gospel choir GetUp was founded in 1992 in Pfinztal-Berghausen near Karlsruhe as a group of the YMCA Berghausen. GetUp followed a youth group based on the TenSing movement, that we founded with some friends way back in 1986 - here I started the first experiences with band music and playing the bass. In the following years GetUp developed towards Gospel and was led by various conductors. At the end of 2000 Monika Carl-Hoffmann took over GetUp - now more jazzy tones determine the sound of the choir. With elaborate and atmospheric arrangements - a capella, with piano accompaniment or a small band - GetUp has made a name for itself in the region in many performances in churches and parish halls.

25 years of gospel

In 2017 the choir reaches its 25th anniversary, which was celebrated with an anniversary concert with the best of the past years. Since 2016 we have the opportunity for a multitrack recording, which is traditionally mixed and mastered by Blackthorn Blossom.

GetUp is still an active choir, visit us at - here You can also find our calendar of current events.

Weird times during Corona crisis

In 2020 the Covid-19 virus was haunting the world, crushing a lot of things that seemed to be important before. Though social distancing, GetUp has still the opinion, that singing together is something we want to preserve. So we tried and trained rehearsals in social distance, even worked on the new choir music from Blackthorn Blossom.

Back on stage November 2022

2022 was a turning point back to good. We offered video streams of our rehearsals with a growing audience on- and offsite. In summer we had a short gig on an open air stage and in November 2022 we managed to come back again on our home stage - after almost three years of silence. We had never been better. The live album is out for Christmas.






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