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Czaika Ranch was my first real band. Located in Karlsruhe I entered 1991 a core assembly of a band with Boris Horner on guitar and Wolfgang 'Wolly' Kurscheidt on drums. Soon I recruited Stephan Dilger, a friend of mine who took over the keyboard part. After some trials with different singers we managed to bring in Dirk Steinhilper, a tall standing singer with a great rock voice.

After writing some songs and first performing them more on birthday parties, we got some good gigs including one at the Brettener OpenAir 1995, which was one of the larger events in the region.

Live recording session

1997 we made our live recording "Best of - Live", engineered by Jörg Ehrler during a concert at Bretten-Ruit. Soon later we got into discussions about the band's strategy - writing own songs or playing more covers. Here Boris left the band, soon followed by Wolly. In the end I quit also and moved over to ALIVE.

Intercontinental Restart 2021

Beginning of 2021 the band found together and will try to record the old songs as well as writing some new material. Since singer Dirk now resides at Brisbane / Australia and all members are quite covered with business, this will be more an online project via internet.

Best of - Live

Made in Bretten

Best of - Live


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