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Looking for support singers for new choir song

May 5, 2020

I have another title for choir that is ready for rollout - just waiting for supporters to sing a line in the song. So if YOU are interested in supporting my new song, please send a PN for sheet and some guiding tracks.

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First choir song "Enter Jerusalem" is out

May 1, 2020

The first song of my choir project "Enter Jerusalem" is out now - recorded with smartphones and merged together by Blackthorn Blossom.

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Choir project starts with first song in test phase

April 21, 2020

The first song of my choir project "Enter Jerusalem" is in test with my choir as 'Corona Social Distance Rehearsal' - keep You updated.

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Interview with blogger Twist Online

March 29, 2020

I had an interview with music blogger Twist Online about the story of Blackthorn Blossom. You can read it here.

Corona Crisis: stay at home and make music

March 22, 2020

Corona crisis is shaking the world. Help to save lives and stay in Your house, move only out if really needed. Listen to my song "Lupus Corona".

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Songs in distribution on large channels

March 11, 2020

First songs out on the large distribution channels like Apple Music, Spotify and Google Music. Start with 'Kleine Welt'. You can support by buying my songs.

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New project: choir musik

January 06, 2020

I started a new project with choir music - first song "Enter Jerusalem" is going into test with my gospel choir GetUp. More information to come soon...

Gospel album 2019 out now

January 06, 2020

The album "GetUp Gospelchor Berghausen - Concert 2019" is finished with great gospel songs from our November concert.

Taskline for the next weeks

October 06, 2019

Since it really made fun to rework the song "Sudden", this will fill the task list for the next weeks. The first ideas are coming into my mind...

Homepage started

October 04, 2019

The new homepage is almost ready and will be started today. The last templates are changed into blackthorn-content, the new domain is on the run...

'Herbstgedanken' going wild

October  03, 2019

I placed the new song "Herbstgedanken" at the music portal and got more than 10k listenings as well as almost 400 likes - awesome!

I plan to do this every second week now with new songs for a period of time - this is good spent money...

Added new albums at Soundcloud

October 03, 2019

In preparation for the upcoming homepage I cleaned up the album structure in Soundcloud a little bit - now we have the albums of all my bands in shape

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